Hockey starts tonight!

Posted: October 1, 2009 in Hockey, Kev
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Yep, in more ways than one, too. The NHL regular season starts tonight for the Leafs, and if they can play like they did in pre-season, it should be a fun season to watch if nothing else.

But probably even more exciting is that I start playing again tonight too! Yep, after four years of not playing we have managed to get a SYNNEX team together in the Guelph Non-Contact League. A bunch of us ex-EMJ RAMs players are making our post-retirement comebacks, and it should be a good time! I probably shouldn’t draw attention to this, but on the right side of the site, you will see a link to the NCWHL under “Kev’s Links” where you can follow the league, our team (SYNNEX) and our players (don’t watch my stats – they’ll probably stay at “0” for the season.

It will definitely be fun to get back into the action and get some more exercise regularly, although, I admit I need to get the first game jitters over and done with.

I guess it’s PVR-time for the Leafs/ Habs game tonight!


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