Pretty Relaxing Weekend

Posted: April 18, 2010 in General Stuff

Pretty uneventful weekend overall…Saturday was cold…was nice to see Sunday warm up and the sun was a nice touch! Bowling went well for the boys with Brandon getting his 450 Triple (by one pin) finally, and Kyle started off with a 238…enough to get him third place for Men’s single high score.
After lunch, the boys and I had a fun session of D&D with the Gergeleys…at our house this time.
Sunday was GEMS Sunday at church so Lori had to participate with her group of girls (she’s a counselor this year). Kyle came home early from a friends’ sleepover birthday party with a pretty bad cold…slept it off for most of the afternoon.
Right now, Lori and I are closing out the day watching the Chinese Grand Prix (which we PVR’d) and then it’s another busy work week for both of us.

  1. Ted says:

    Wow – D&D? That brings back memories of skipping classes, playing in the cafe. 🙂 Great idea – to play with the kids. Good Dad/Son bonding? Gets them away from the electronic friends, eh?

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