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I had to chuckle just a few minutes ago. Recently, when we added Kyle to our wireless Family Plan through Rogers Lori changed to a BlackBerry Curve since she really wasn’t fond of her existing phone (LG something-or-other). At first, she didn’t have much interest in learning all the powerful things a ‘Berry could do for her, but I got some apps set up and I also set up a BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Group for us so that we could share a calendar primarily.

So just a few minutes ago I check my BlackBerry Torch, and see there are some BBM updates…well lo and behold, Lori has added several calendar items in our shared BBM calendar! I’m so glad to see it – now we know what evenings the other is up to something; or I know what days she is working different hours…so handy!

Welcome to the mobile world Schmoop! 🙂